Out today is Marley Morrison’s Sweetheart, one of those genuinely terrific indie gems that we hope to push a little further into the spotlight. Recently we sat down with Jo Hartley and Sophia Di Martino, who recently starred alongside Tom Hiddleston in the Dinsey+ series Loki, to talk about their experiences on the film. The film also stars Nell Barlow, Ella-Rae Smith and Samuel Anderson and is a painful and hilarious coming of age story set in Southern England.

The film recently played to great acclaim at the Glasgow Film Festival and it was there we spoke to director Marley Morrison & lead actress Nell Barlow. Click here to see those interviews.

Sweetheart Interviews

Plot: 17-year-old AJ (Nell Barlow) is not one of life’s shiny, happy people. A family holiday at a caravan park in Dorset is her idea of hell. A moody misfit, she dresses for concealment and lets everyone know that she would rather be anywhere else. Then she spies flirty, free-spirited lifeguard Isla (Ella-Rae Smith) who might just be the girl of her dreams. Can AJ dare to take a first step on the road to happiness?