Superbowl-2013-LogoThe lovely folks at Way to Blue have created this rather fabulous infographic looking at the Super Bowl and specifically which movie trailer / TV spots that were shown on US television had the most buzz around them. Using various clever tools, they’ve been able to work out which movies people are most looking forward to.

Movies included in the graphic are: Snitch (Dwayne Johnson’s new movie), Star Trek Into Darkness, Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6, The Lone Ranger, Identity Theft, Oz The Great and the Powerful and World War Z. In the study we can see Twitter buzz + growth from the previous day, and whether the discussion was both positive and negative. They also look at the increase in Facebook likes both before and after each TV spot aired. It’s really great to have this sort of thing presented in numbers and will show movie companies how they can better at social networking because I’m not sure anyone’s nailed it yet although from this study, both Fast and Furious 6 and Iron Man 3 seem to have come out on top.

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