If you were to distill the mind of the average Western teenage boy into an essence, inject that with adrenaline and swirl a quart of supermarket vodka into the mix you’d have what James Wan and his team were on when they concocted Fast & Furious 7.

Clearly seeking to out-do the previous six in their entirety Fast & Furious 7 looks to bring the long saga to an end, with all players back for one last race. Although, judging by this new trailer, the cars are little more than props to the insanity of action going on. The fight between The Rock and Statham looks like a lot of fun with Wan 2001ing the camera mid fight, turning it on its head and our stomachs inside out.

And that final stunt? Blimey.

UK cinemas will be awash with petrol and testosterone on the 3rd of April.