To celebrate the release of Strange World, the latest animation from Disney, we had the pleasure of chatting with some of the stars and filmmakers behind this epic new adventure.

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ original action-packed adventure “Strange World” introduces a legendary family of explorers, the Clades, as they attempt to navigate an uncharted, treacherous land alongside a motley crew that includes a mischievous blob, a three-legged dog and a slew of ravenous creatures.

Chatting to Jake Gyllenhaal (Searcher Clade) and Jaboukie Young-White (Ethan), we speak about the lure of the film, the messages at the heart of the film and how it pushes boundaries, their love of a good Greggs (watch to find out why this came up) and why fans of Inner Space will love the film.

Next, we chat with filmmakers Don Hall and Qui Nguyen about the long genesis of the film, why the timing was right to bring it to the big-screen now, their memories of Disney films with the company celebrating its 100-year anniversary, and their hopes for the future of animation in cinema.

You can watch the full interviews below:

Strange World opens in UK cinemas on November 23rd.