Steve Lycett, the executive producer for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, made an announcement on Twitter as told by TSSZ News that he is looking for local Sonic fans in Sheffield, England to help polish the game.

Lycett goes into further detail through the official Sega forums and with Sonic Stadium as to what they hope to accomplish from this. According to Lycett, this is chance for people to gain voluntary experience at Sumo Digital. During the next two months, there will be an open balancing team at the studio for the next 3 weeks at a time.

Through this act, they hope to gather information on a series of different gameplays such as multiplayer and different gaming modes. Volunteers can express their opinion on their experience and in return gain the knowledge of what makes a game become what it will in the end.

We believe this is a great opportunity for people interested in joining the games industry to see how things are done on the inside, to help shape and improve a game and build their skillset to improve their chances of future employment within the gaming industry,” says Lycett.

This chance is given to those who can arrive to Sheffield daily and have an place to stay. Travel expenses can be reimbursed at a reasonable extent.

A trial period will be placed on the applicants and once the staff determines their worthiness, they will be given the next 2 weeks to stay.

Interested? Here are the timely requirements:

  • Availability on July 2-July 20 for the first half
  • Availability on July 23-August 10 on the next half
  • Required work times are during 11am-6pm (Lunch is between 1-2pm)

Questions and considerations for the position can be placed at: