One of the most iconic locations in the Twin Peaks series is The Great Northern hotel. Owned by Benjamin Horne, The Great Northern is the location of a lot of key scenes and it is where Agent Dale Cooper decides to stay when he first arrives in town. The Hotel also provides one of the most beautiful shots from the opening credits as it sits on the edge of a vast waterfall.

The location used for The Great Northern is The Salish Lodge and Spa just outside Seattle. Despite a recent refurb there is much of the Salish Lodge that still resembles the original set for Twin Peaks and the exterior is almost identical. As you can see from the photograph above the location is beautiful and even if you’re not a Twin Peaks fan this looks like a great place to visit.

Here’s the description of The Salish Lodge and Spa taken from their website. Although they don’t say it, I’m sure they also serve damn fine coffee.

Welcome to the true Pacific Northwest. Perched above Snoqualmie Falls, just 30 minutes east of Seattle, the Salish Lodge & Spa is the quintessential Pacific Northwest retreat for those seeking an authentic and memorable escape from the everyday.

Listen to the roar of whitewater tumble over granite cliffs nearly 300 feet into the emerald river canyon below. Breathe in the scent of evergreens and firs. Dine on innovative and indigenous cuisine, savor the serenity of our eucalyptus spa, then drift off to sleep in front of your room’s wood-burning fireplace. We invite you to experience the Salish Lodge.

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