Earth Hour London Star Trek Light ShowIn a rather clever PR stunt and to raise awareness of the World Wildlife Fund’s Earth Hour, Paramount arranged for numerous quadrocopters UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) to fly high above the capital showing off a very familiar logo paying reference to the title of their new movie Star Trek Into Darkness.

The event coincided with Earth Hour which took place on Saturday night at 20:30 t0 21:30 with landmarks such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and The London Eye and the UAV’s all going dark at exactly 20:30. The logo formation hovered about 36m (118ft) above the ground at the lowest point and the highest point (the tip of the logo) will be at approximately 130m (426ft) above ground. The total height of the logo was 94m (308ft).

It’s really rather clever and obviously highlights a great cause so check out the video below which gives you the highlights and an image of the logo when it was fully formed. You can find out more about WWF here.


Earth Hour London Star Trek Light Show