One of the greatest new series of 2018 was CBS’s Star Trek Discovery. In anticipation of the second series we caught up with cast members Sonequa Martin-Green, Anthony Rapp, Wilson Cruz, Mary Wiseman and Doug Jones along with producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin to talk about the second series of Star Trek Discovery and what we can look forward to expecting when it returns to CBS and Netflix in 2019.

The interviews are conducted by the wonderful James Kleinmann who finds out, among other things, what we can expect when Spock joins the series.

Sonequa Martin-Green discusses how the evolution which began in the first series continues and the discoveries keep on happening – with the characters focusing on logic dictates the humanity of the new season. Her redemptive journey also continues along with the Vulcan indoctrination. She talks about knowing about her relationship with Spock from the very beginning, and how she kept the big secret.

Doug Jones talks about Saru’s discovery of his species, and in visiting the Kelpien home planet he discovers a game-changing element to his species and his place in that species. On a plus side the make up is now easier to get into… Mary Wiseman talks about becoming an ensign in the command programme, and her hopes for the future of her character.

Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz talk about being the first leading gay couple in Star Trek, and how the fans have been hungry for this kind of representation. They talk about the difficulty of the jargon which was prominent in their first scenes.

Alex Kurztman talking about the new season and directing the first episode, and how the first season focused on war, whereas the new season focuses on the adventure that’s out there. With the introduction of the Enterprise and Captain Pike there are bold new worlds now to discover. Also the focus is now on the introduction of Spock, and how the brother/sister relationship with him and Michael Burnham plays a huge part in what’s to come.

Heather Kadın talks about the die-hard fandom within the production team, and how they strove to honour what has come before and making it accessible for new fans.

Star Trek Discovery returns for Season 2 on CBS All Access in the US on the 17th of January. Here are the interviews,

Star Trek Discovery Season 2 Cast Interviews

In the second of our set of interviews Mary Chieffo & Shazad Latif talk about learning Klingon and their favourite words and Anson Mount talks about taking on the role of Captain Christopher Pike of NC1701D – The Starship Enterprise.

In the interview Ethan Peck talks about meeting Leonard Nimoy’s family and how they told him to watch The Original Series of Star Trek.