With Life Itself hitting our screens this weekend, to celebrate the film’s release we sat down with one of the film’s stars Olivia Cooke. Given it’s an ensemble piece her screen time is somewhat limited, yet her impact, as ever, is there for all to see.

We asked her what attracted her to the role at hand, and what it is about director Dan Fogelman that made her want to work with him again. Given her recent move over to the States, we also asked what she finds is the biggest difference between the Brits and the Americans, and what she misses most about home.

She also explains how she’s given a freedom in America given she has no risk of being typecast as she may in the UK, and she talks about her experiences working with Steven Spielberg on Ready Player One. Finally, we discuss her next project Sound of Metal, and whether she has any musical ability in real life.

Watch the full interview below:


College sweethearts Will and Abby fall in love, get married and prepare to bring their first child into the world. As their story unfolds in New York, fate links them to a group of people in Seville, Spain, including a troubled young woman, a man and his granddaughter, a wealthy landowner and a plantation manager.

Life Itself is released in cinemas across the UK on January 4th