A couple of days ago, we reported on the news that writers Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci were adapting the graphic novel Locke & Key for Spielberg’s small screen production department, DreamWorks TV.

Vulture have now revealed that Kurtzman will also make his directorial debut for Speilberg in the form of a feature film, entitled Welcome to People, which he co-wrote with Orci and documentary-maker Jody Lambert.

The film (which was written over six years ago) is a LA-set family drama – a far cry from the writing duo’s normal fantasy and action-based material.

Kurtzman  has been working within the DreamWorks stable for a while now, having written The Island, The Legend of Zorro and both Transformer films, as well as producing Eagle Eye (all with Orci), so it’s good to see that he’s being offered his first directing gig by the company.

We’ll keep you updated when he hear more.