The teaser trailer for Star Trek Beyond faced quite a bit of backlash (check out the interview we did with Simon Pegg not long after the first trailer landed below), with longtime fans and even those involved with the franchise in some way criticising what essentially looked like Fast and Furious in space. Thankfully, this latest effort makes the movie’s tone a lot clearer, and despite the fact that it’s Justin Lin at the helm, this definitely looks like classic Trek.

Despite there being plenty of explosive action, the story here looks pretty great, and seems to revolve around the crew of the Enterprise being stranded on an alien planet after being attacked by Idris Elba’s rather sinister looking alien bad guy. As a result, it’s up to Captain Kirk to save his friends, something which should push the character to his limits.

The trailer premiered during a special fan event last night, and those in attendance learned that Star Trek Beyond will premiere at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con at a special outside screening which will also have a live orchestra to hand. Meanwhile, it was also mentioned that the movie will feature fifty alien races to celebrate the franchise’s 50th Anniversary.

Star Trek Beyond is set to be released on July 22nd. Check out the trailer and poster below!

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