Ok – it’s clear that the $2bn box office haul of Avengers Endgame means that most people have seen the cinematic juggernaut, however – if you’ve not seen the film then don’t watch this trailer. Don’t read on in fact – just go out and throw a few more coins at the MCU behemoth.

Still with us? Good. We’re past the fall of Thanos. Friends and father figures are dead and gone and some of the most beloved MCU characters are back five years after the perfect balancing act of the Snap. Peter Parker included. And this new trailer for Spider-Man Far From Home teases a more mature outing for Spidey and his friends.

Jake Gyllenhall certainly seems to be getting into the spirit of things, as his social media attests.

Spider-Man Far From Home is released from the 2nd of July, 2019.