Batman Vs. Superman

With Marvel Studios releasing at least two movies a year (not to mention the Spider-Man and X-Men films from Sony and Fox), Warner Bros. have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to exploiting the popularity of their DC Comics characters on the big screen, especially as there’s a three year gap between Man of Steel and Batman Vs. Superman.

So, when Warner Bros. decided to slot Batman Vs. Superman into the same date as one of Marvel’s untitled 2016 movies – Doctor Strange is currently the prime candidate – fans quickly realised that the rivalry between the two may be heating up.

Brazilian website website Judão reveal that their sources at Warner Bros. Brazil have told them that the movie will open in the South American country on April 28th, 2016 (new films are released there on a Thursday), and while this branch of Warner Bros. tells them that they’re still waiting for 100% confirmation, word is that the US release date of Batman Vs. Superman has also been moved up to April 29th instead of May 6th.

That’s a week before, and an easy way to save face for the studio. After all, fans feeling grateful to have the highly anticipated Zack Snyder helmed movie seven days earlier will hopefully pay more attention to that than the fact that they’re seemingly backing down from Marvel. This also gives Batman Vs. Superman a clear week at #1 before it has to contend with whatever Kevin Feige and company has in mind for that date.

If it is Doctor Strange, it’s certainly possible that Batman Vs. Superman could possibly even retain the top spot, although it might struggle when facing off against bigger names like Thor or Captain America. Either way, this is good news for both movies as facing off against each other would have ultimately put a huge dent in both their box office hauls.

  • Natalie

    No way! Marvel are #Winning!!!

  • Ariadne

    Seems like BS to me!To begin with,no film will open in a Saturday in US.April 29th is Saturday. Also,the fact that it will oben in Brazil a week earlier ,it does not mean that the film will also be release in US the same week.It happens all the time…US is not always taking a film first.

  • Mrteapot


  • The Walking Cuban

    Its gonna be a bloodbath

  • Batman

    The source is from Brazil , so I call BS.

  • 34ret

    April 29, 2016 is a Friday

  • blueorangeny

    SMH. Stop reporting on BS, damn geeks in a basement

  • Ariadne


  • DKBats

    I am at a complete and total loss. Why would anyone thing Captain America or Thor are a bigger draw than Batman and Superman, with Wonder Woman on top of that? Thor and Captain America have never been close in comparison and without the big team up movie they would be very average at the box office. Yeah, their individual movies have been good, Thor’s better than Captain America but compared to the kind of draw Batman has in any form, not just movies, and the success of man of Steel, and the fact that people have been begging for Wonder Woman for a very long time, no, it is Marvel who is taking the big risk by going head to head and they dump so many movies out non stop that they don’t care if they take a hit once. The Avengers was great, nothing bigger ever happened, but think about it for a minute, if you put 6 members of the Justice League up there on the screen instead of the Avengers and have them do what they can do in terms of power against the same threat the Avengers faced and you have no contest, but imagine those powers on display, the Justice League no holds barred all out do or die and you are talking about the potential to push the Avengers not just to the back seat but all the way to the trunk!

  • The_Eternal_Dalek

    Thor: The Dark World and Man of Steel are both fairly close in their box office takings. At the end of the day they are all successful films.

    Are you going to go and see them? Am I going to go and see them? Is everyone else probably going to go and see them? The answer is probably yes. It doesn’t matter when they are released, ultimately both films will draw in the audiences, nobody is going to ignore one at the expense of the other.

    Marvel know that and aren’t worried by it. Indeed Kevin Feige was asked about this in the past and pointed people towards 2007. The top three films were released within the space of a few weeks, all in May 2007 and all fairly big sequels. Maybe DC will make more than Marvel, but at the end of the day does it really matter? If they are both good films then they will both do well. As a comic book fan I want them both to do well as it means more films in future.

  • Cullen Guzik

    Internationally yeah they were close, domestically about $90 million apart.

  • The_Eternal_Dalek

    Ultimately the domestic figures aren’t much use to anyone other than those running the US box office. The studios will be far more concerned with the bigger picture.