The LEGO Movie was packed full of brilliant cameos, whether they were classic LEGO minifigures or well known brands like Batman and Star Wars. Expectations are high then for the surprises the sequel might throw in. Well, it sounds like Doctor Who will be among them!

The beloved BBC character just recently received his very own LEGO set, so this perhaps shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, especially as the popularity of Doctor Who has spread beyond the UK, with a very large fanbase for the series now hailing from the US.

What is surprising though is the fact that the BBC are chasing after The LEGO Movie sequel to include Doctor Who rather than the other way around. We normally hear about releases like this struggling to include certain brands, but at the end of the day, even a cameo appearance from The Doctor would ultimately help expose the show to a huge audience!

While Phil Lord and Chris Miller are returning to write the sequel, Rob Schrab is taking over as director (that duo are going to be too busy to take the helm thanks to their Han Solo movie), and he had this to say about the cameo in a recent interview “I’m talking to the BBC on Thursday…there’s a certain character that the BBC owns, and they’re asking me if it would be possible…” Now, he may not directly mention Doctor Who, but who else is it going to be?

The LEGO Movie sequel is currently set to be released worldwide on May 18th, 2018.