A charming film from Shimmy Marcus, SoulBoy is the story of Joe (Martin Compston, Sweet Sixteen), an aspiring cool guy in his late-teens. Life in Stoke-on-Trent becomes more exciting when a new girl in town (Nichola Burley) introduces him to the world of Soul.

With his heart set on her, he throws himself into the Northern Soul music scene, making his first appearance at its epicentre: Wigan.

It would be easy to slap a “coming of age” badge on this film in the same way that the soul kids advertise their favourite artists on their leather bowling bags, but SoulBoy deserves a more nuanced description.

No issue is left untouched, giving Joe a place in the real world of relationships, role models, moral decisions, and demons. Its setting is tight in scope but universal in story as Joe tries to find his place in an established culture with customs, behaviours, and a strict social hierarchy.

The soul tunes set the tone with a bouquet of hits to reflect every occasion. Meanwhile, a subtle nostalgia is at play with the warm tones and smooth rhythms of the dance-floor.

An endearing British film that hits all the right notes.

Here’s a trailer to whet your appetite.