Before Sony decided that it would be in their best interests to give Marvel Studios creative control over Spider-Man, they had a number of spinoffs in the works. Venom and Sinister Six were both on the way before that deal happened, while rumours and Sony Hack emails pointed to everything from a female led team-up movie to an Aunt May spinoff happening.

One of the possibilities mentioned in those emails was Silver Sable, and the latest episode of Meet the Movie Press featured former The Wrap editor Jeff Sneider revealing that he’s heard Sony are once again looking to move forward with the possible Spider-Man spinoff movie.

Apparently, the studio is even eyeing Abi Morgan (Shame, The Iron Lady) to write it!

This should strictly be considered a rumour for the time being, but Sony boss Tom Rothman recently stated in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that the studio is still interested in expanding the world of Spider-Man despite the character now being in the MCU.

For those of you unfamiliar with Silver Sable, she’s the leader of a band of mercenaries known as the Wild Pack, and has worked both with and against Spider-Man numerous times. Chances are that the wall-crawler wouldn’t factor into her movie and that this would be a standalone spinoff, but she’s definitely a character with serious blockbuster potential.