The Amazing Spider-Man is finally now in theatres, and has been getting off to a fantastic start, breaking box-office records in the US with a m. opening on Tuesday, the highest Tuesday opening of all time.

Sony’s brilliant campaign in the last year looks to be paying off nicely, and if you haven’t seen the film yet, I’d definitely recommend going to see it as soon as humanly possible – it’s absolutely awesome.

We’ve known for some time that there would be a sequel, with Sony hiring James Vanderbilt back to pen the script, and hiring Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman (the duo behind Star Trek, Transformers, Fringe, and more) for the re-write.

And now Sony have announced via the film’s official Facebook that they intend to go – at least – one step further, turning it into a new Spider-Man trilogy:

“It’s finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

It’s not too much of a surprise, but it’s definitely nice to know that we can look forward to a lot more Spider-Man in the future. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is set for release in May, 2014, which would perhaps suggest the third instalment will be due out in 2016, but it’s of course still early days yet.

Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire’s original trilogy took $2.5bn. between them, and after seeing the brilliance of The Amazing Spider-Man, I’d say they could well be looking at doing the same again with this new series. Fans are going to love it – the early numbers are suggesting they already do, and cinemagoers in the US have given it a very respectable ‘A-’ score, with a straight ‘A’ from under 18s.

Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone will be reprising their roles as Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy, and here’s to hoping that Marc Webb will be back behind the camera, because he’s done an amazing job with the first film.

The Amazing Spider-Man is in cinemas now in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D. In case you need any persuading to go see it in the next few weeks, here’s the awesome four-minute super preview that hit earlier this year. Enjoy.

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