This week’s romantic comedy comes courtesy of Something Borrowed, a twisted tale of love and marriage which draws the tagline of “It’s a thin line between love and friendship” out for a couple of hours.

Emily Giffin’s novel was adapted for the screen by Jennie Snyder and Luke Greenfield, whose best known previous work is the 2004 Elisha Cuthbert movie The Girl Next Door, takes on directing duties.

The cast is where these films live or die and Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson, Colin Egglesfield, and John Krasinski are the faces on the poster of this tale of Goodwin’s character falls for the fiancé of her best friend. OM, and I’m sure you’ll agree, G.

The good folks at Upbeat gathered the cast and crew to talk about their film and they certainly seem like they had a great time filming it. The film is out right now in UK cinemas so once you’ve finished watching this little clip you might as well hightail it to your nearest flickhouse to catch the film if the mood takes you.