We are still 6 months away from the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part I, yet the people at Summit Entertainment have once again decided to tease audiences by releasing another official photo.  T

he photo in question pictures Edward and Bella in that same lovestruck pose that has become all to familiar over the past 3 movies.  Having read the book, I’m still not too sure where the scene in question is meant to have occurred.  My best guess is that this takes place (Spoiler warning) somewhere in and around their scandalous honeymoon in South America.

This is also one of the first tastes we’ve been able to get of cinematographer Guillermo Navarro’s work on Breaking Dawn.  Navarro, a frequent collaborator of Guillermo del Toro, seems almost a perfect fit for the sort of “darker” direction that the series has started to take.

I’m still betting on another horrible adaptation by Melissa Rosenberg, but at least the footage will be pretty to look at.

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