While you can claim that the bisecting of the final book in a popular book adaptation franchise is a cynical cash-in, designed to claw in as much money as possible, Mockingjay Part One was a solid, if a little overlong, addition to the series.

As the credits rolled on Part One things weren’t looking good for Katniss and friends, with Peeta writhing around, strapped to a bed in a padded room. The fledgling resistance were making progress but President Snow, played with increasing menace by Donald Sutherland, looked to have the upper hand.

Which makes the first teaser poster from the final film all the more striking. Snow’s fallen statue and the Mockingjay symbol brutishly scrawled on the wall behind it is a potent symbol. Let’s not forget the equipotent real world parallel late last year of the Thai student who adopted the three fingered salute in their protests, leading the government to pull the film from cinemas.

The film is out on the 20th of November, here’s the poster,