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British actress Natalie Dormer trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London and made her big screen debut in 2005’s Casanova. After a number of relatively small roles in film and on TV, things finally took off for her in a big way after The Tudors (another notable actor to come out of that series is of course Henry “Superman” Cavill).

Since then, Dormer’s career has really taken off in major franchises like The Hunger Games, arguably the best series on the small screen with Game of Thrones, and of course The Forest, a new supernatural horror movie which hits DVD and Blu-ray on June 20th.


The future is now looking bright for the actress, and you have to believe that it won’t be too long until she’s headlining another huge blockbuster, regardless of whether it’s something superhero related or even set in a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Here, we take a look at six of her best performances to date, and all of the movies and TV shows listed here are a must-watch.

6. The Forest

Natalie Dormer The Forest

Set in the legendary Aokigahara Forest, a location at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan which has become something of a suicide hot spot, The Forest revolves around Natalie Dormer’s Sara as she goes there in search of her missing sister.

However, after making the mistake of entering the forest and straying from the path, she’s soon confronted by the tortured souls of the dead who prey on those they encounter.

The movie makes good use of the terrifying location, and Dormer impresses throughout, especially as he’s able to showcase her talent in dual roles, something many other actors have struggled with in the past. As a result, this one is well worth checking out for her performance alone.

You can win a copy of The Forest of Blu-ray right here.

the forest

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