In bringing Tallulah to the small screen Netflix have retained the services of one of the most important people behind the scenes at another of their shining stars. Writer/director Sian Heder’s most notable outing before her feature debut was as a writer and story editor on the rightly celebrated Orange is the New Black and the same fraught character-led drama is evident in Tallulah.

The cast of Heder and Rae’s film are another jewel in this crown. Reuniting the Juno pairing of Ellen Page and Allison Janney Heder and Rae also bring Zachary Quinto and Tammy Blanchard to the screen. As a character piece the film works very well, thanks to the talent in front of, and behind, the camera.

Cassam Looch sits down with the pair to talk about Tallulah’s journey.

Would you care for a brief synopsis?

Desperate to be rid of her toddler, a dissatisfied Beverly Hills housewife hires a stranger to babysit and ends up getting much more than she bargained for.

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