Only a couple of days after a picture showing Johnny Depp appearing in Martin Scorsese’s 3D movie The Invention of Hugo Cabret found its way online Le Parisien have posted a set video with a look at Sir Ben Kingsley in his role as Georges Melies.

While we’ve seen Sir Ben in costume before, as young and old Meilies, this the first time we’ve had a look at the set design and it’s a glimpse and nothing more but in the absence of anything more substantial this will have to keep fans of Scorsese and the book sated for now.

Kingsley appears alongside Chloe Moretz and Asa Butterfield who lead the cast of Jude Law, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helen McCrory, Emily Mortimer, Michael Stuhlbarg and Christopher Lee.

If you want to read what LeParisien had to say by way of commentary to this video I’ve pushed the text through the verbgrinder of Google translate – here’s what came out the other end:

On this summer morning, the snow littered the streets of Paris in the plot: a dry ice stamped Hollywood. Until tonight, the American maestro Martin Scorsese, 67, runs sequences winter of his next film, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”, near the Madeleine. At dawn yesterday, an impressive armada invests the square of the Opera-Louis Jouvet. Heavy truck parked by the dozens in the neighborhood, the streets adjoining are looped. On the plateau, some 400 technicians to install the lights, water the sidewalk with snow cannons and place the cables between the loops. “Here, they repainted the walls, it gives the charm! ‘Says a local resident. This is to accommodate the film’s story (that of a young orphan whose fate is upset by the encounter with filmmaker Georges Melies) that places have been transformed into little Paris of the 1930s. Old streetlights have arisen. The Spa is a beauty salon become retro. The restaurant, an apothecary’s shop. And in the salon is finished installing period chandeliers. But where Scorsese? In the Athenaeum Theatre, transformed for the occasion in silent films. There, the director made some taken with her actor Ben Kingsley (Georges Melies), before turning the outdoor scenes. Nothing should filter through the technology of this film in 3D. Outside, the big arm of the prying and safety alpaguent dislodge roundly journalists stationed on balconies. For now, about 350 extras left lunch at the Grand Hotel, in frock coat and robe. Here comes a black sedan. Costumed, Ben Kingsley jumped into the car and disappears. The onlookers are gathering. Everyone wants to see the director of “Taxi Driver”. “On Monday, when he came to mark the spot, it looked like Marlon Brando, the class,” says Paolo, the owner of an Italian restaurant that has a bricks on shooting. ” As for Calabrese’s great pride, “Scorsese had lunch in my little restaurant, with its own cook, but production was canceled at the last moment …” And so Scorsese who rears his glasses away in the back a Mercedes. “Oh, that’s not true! I missed “plague a young woman. The filmmaker and his team are still there until evening, then left turn to London. Video. Martin Scorsese revives the 30s in Paris