Walking up the main staircase of Manchester Town Hall, I felt more than a little British.

With bangers and mash and a specially curated exhibition of stills and costumes from The Iron Lady, See Differently had once again created an individual and thoroughly entertaining event.

Running since 2004, this Volkswagen venture picks out carefully selected locations to enhance the cinematic experience, with previous screenings including Jane Eyre at Haddon Hall and A Clockwork Orange at Brunel University. With the Town Hall used as a double for the Houses of Parliament within The Iron Lady, it was the only suitable venue for such an evening, with guests able to roam as they wished, taking photos and feeling part of the filmmaking process.

Although other primary shooting took place in Wimbledon and other parts of London, spending the evening in a place that doubled for the hallowed halls of Parliament added a real sense of importance and historical authenticity to the event.

With costumes worn by Streep and original design ideas on show, you did almost feel in the presence of Hollywood greatness! On show were the blue suit she wore on entering 10 Downing Street (as shown above) and a beautifully embellished dress that is seen worked on by her staff during the film.

In the adjoining hall we were treated to a wonderful selection of photographs from the film including interesting behind-the-scenes facts and information on the supporting characters, serving as a brilliant way of getting more in-depth information on what we had just seen.

I strongly advise everyone to get themselves along to another See Film Differently event, as the attention to detail is fantastic, the comfortable seats, free food and drink a wonderful bonus and the atmosphere perfect for any film fan.

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