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We’ve been trawling through the veritable Armada of Christmas films out there to bring you a festive Video Vault to see how these films have stood up to the test of time. Notably the Christmas movie moments we’re looking at today all came back to us as magical filmic nuggets to warm the heart – perfect for planning your festive film viewing.

For your further festive enjoyment we thought we would bring you a sample of some of the most festive Christmas sequences ever committed to film, all to help get you in the mood.

Because it’s Christmas. And we like it.

6. Turning on the lights – Christmas Vacation

The Griswalds enjoy their Christmas lights

This one has been burned into my memory since my early teens, when my older brother and I first discovered it. Christmas Vacation has so much to commend it, so many set pieces that unfailingly make me laugh out loud, but this one is the best. Clark Griswold is trying to get the Christmas lights to come on.

He has spent days stapling lights to the roof and the mess of extension leads and adaptors in his garage has to be seen to be believed, but all to no avail. He tries to make a grand ceremony of it, but he hits the switch and nothing happens. Then a random light switch is flicked in the garage and the whole shebang springs to life, accompanied by the Hallelujah Chorus. Here it is not working….

Then we see the lights dim on the rest of the continental US and the local power station kick in the auxiliary overdrive. Splendid.


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