In February it was reported, by various sources, that Angelina Jolie was in talks to star in Alfonso Cuaron’s upcoming sci-fi adventure, Gravity.

Then, in March we reported that Robert Downey Jr had been cast to compensate for the departure of Jolie. Now, according to the NY Daily News reports (via Bleeding Cool), Robert Downey Jr’s co-star in Iron Man 2, Scarlett Johansson, has “verbally agreed” to star in the film. Johansson will play the role of Ryan Stone, a young, intelligent engineer.

Synopsis: Gravity centers on a team of astronauts — including the lead medical engineer and a talkative “mile-a-minute” veteran astronaut — who are asked to abandon their fix-it Hubble telescope mission and quickly reboard their ship after a sudden implosion of Russian satellites triggers a debris avalanche in orbit that threatens their immediate safety. It’s basically a very high concept sci-fi thriller and a nonstop race for our protagonists to get back to earth.

Cuaron is planning on shooting the film, in 3D, this summer. The film itself is said to be CGI and effects-heavy, with the FX drawing comparisons to James Cameron’s Avatar in terms of scale and the directors ambition. However, if anyone can pull a epic sci-fi film off, then it most certainly has to be Cuaron. After the marvellous work he did with Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Children of Men, it’s hard not to get excited by this project.

Watch this space, as more details are sure to be announced when filming gets underway.