is reporting the extremely reassuring news that Inception has passed the $100 million barrier after just 7 days at the domestic (US) box office.

On the surface, this may not be considered a huge feat for your average summer blockbuster, but when you consider that the film is an original piece of work, competing in a season stuffed with comic book adaptations, sequels, remakes and film versions of well-established property, this figure is really impressive. Add to the fact that Inception’s dense, layered narrative doesn’t exactly scream mainstream, and we’re looking at one of the year’s genuine success stories.

Warner Bros took a big gamble on this and must be happy that they have a film which has won over both audience and critics, whilst still reaping a tidy profit in the process. Its early days, but I think Inception has earned the right to sit amongst the classic, distinguished titles in the studio’s back catalogue.

I wonder if Hollywood will start dusting off those original screenplays once considered ‘confusing’ and ‘too challenging’ and produce more original material like this.

Inception proves there is an audience out there who don’t mind pondering over their popcorn.