Earlier this week, I got to interview Kevin McKidd for his role as Poseidon in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. At the interview, I asked him what was going on with Rome the movie as it’s most definitely something that we’d like to see.

When I quizzed him on the status of the movie he said:

“Bruno Heller is really busy with The Mentalist at the moment. He’s written the draft and it’s really good but he’s working hard finding time to finish the script. He’s a control freak and although he writing staff have carried on with it, he needs to polish it off and complete it. It (a movie) would be this hiatus which looks unlikely timing wise or next hiatus hopefully.”

When I asked if it would follow the TV series McKidd said:

“It would be a stand alone movie that would satisfy the fans of the show but also be a stand alone event film that can be watched by anyone.”

This is great news that Rome is still in the pipeline somewhere as it was such a great show and I would simply love to see it on the big screen. The original series series of 12 episodes cost $100 million with HBO paying $85m and the BBC paying the additional $15m. With effective film budget, they made an amazingly accurate, beautiful series which with immaculate attention to detail. The set was built in Italy and was the biggest ever made for a TV series and covered 5 acres!

This information ties in nicely with the interview that Ray Stephenson gave with MovieWeb nearly a year ago. Glad to hear it’s still being though about but it would be nicer if we could have a finished script so that the project could get some movement.