Red Dead RedemptionWhile an officially announced sequel is still some way off, Rockstar have teased at Red Dead Redemption’s next evolution.

The developer has revealed that there were ‘a massive number’ of ideas that didn’t make it into the finished game.

Considering the oodles and oodles of Gaming Awards the Grand Theft Western has picked up since its release (including countless Game of the Year awards – and of course, the most important HeyuGuys Award), it’s unsurprising that fans are desperate for news on a sequel or new DLC as impressive as Undead Nightmare.

Rockstar’s VP of product development Jeronimo Barrea spoke to Official Playstation Magazine to hint at the franchise’s future.

[We’re most pleased] either that huge numbers of people loved the game enough to play through to the end, and then encouraged friends to play it – we hope without spoiling the end for them – or at a more basic level… that we could convince that many people that they wanted to play a game about the wild west,” said Barrera.

“For all the games we work on, we have a massive number of ideas that [don’t] make it in.”