The-Rover-Robert-PattinsonThis year’s Cannes film festival played host to the premiere of David Michôd’s bleak follow up to his fearsome 2010 film Animal Kingdom. Today we have an exclusive introduction to the dark near-future world of The Rover.

Michôd’s latest film takes place ten years after a global collapse with cultures and societies shifting and realigning.  Pearce’s downtroddden farmer finds himself on a dangerous journey through the unforgiving landscape following a violent robbery.

This short peek behind the scenes introduces us to the main players in this dystopian funk, along with Messrs. Pearce and Pattinson we have Susan Prior, Producer David Linde and Cinematographer Natasha Braier to talk us through own visions of Michôd’s strange new world.

Take a look below,

Braier’s work in particular is shown off beautifully here and she has done some fine work with the likes of Shane Meadows and Lynne Ramsay, whose Olympic short Swimmer is glimpsed below.

The Rover is out today in the States and here in the UK we have until the 15th of August to wait. Looks like it’ll be worth it.

SWIMMER from Natasha Braier on Vimeo.