Just a mere 40 years after starring in ‘Apocalypse Now’ together, Robert Duvall and Martin Sheen are set to reunite for the ’12 Mighty Orphans’.

Sheen is playing Doc Hall – a country doctor who has served the orphans for 30 plus years without ever taking a paycheck and who was responsible for bringing Russell to the orphanage and becomes his assistant football coach.

Duvall plays Mason Hawk – a wise freemason and an orphan to boot, who instils wisdom in the Mighty Mites as to what being an orphan truly means.

Luke Wilson takes on the role of Texas football coach Rusty Russell in the movie. Vinessa Shaw plays Rusty’s wife Juanita Russell, and Wayne Knight plays Frank Wynn, a man with a politician’s demeanour who runs the day-to-day operations of the orphanage but hides a darker nature.

The film outline reads: At an orphanage perched atop a hill overlooking Fort Worth, Russell turned a scrawny band of 12 underdog castoff orphans into a team of fierce warriors that left their opponents bewildered and battered. In spite of being outweighed by at least thirty pounds per man, the youngsters become one of the toughest football team in Texas. They began with nothing―not even a football―yet Russell’s innovative offence helps lead the orphans to the state playoffs. At a time when America desperately needs fresh hope and big dreams, the Orphans prove that heart can triumph over great obstacles.

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Ty Roberts takes the helm on a screenplay he co-wrote with Lane Garrison based on the book by Jim Dent. Michael De Luca, Angelique De Luca, Brinton Bryan, and Houston Hill will produce.