Sony Pictures recently confirmed that Robert Downey Jr. will star in Spider-Man: Homecoming, while we’ve known for quite some time now that Tony Stark will return in the two-part Avengers: Infinity War. However, could Iron Man 4 also be on the horizon?

During a video special looking at Captain America: Civil War, Downey Jr. teased: “I feel like I could do one more.” Whether or not he will obviously remains to be seen, but making that movie happen would be in everyone’s best interest. Iron Man 3 is one of only three Marvel Studios releases to gross over $1 billion, so both the actor and studio could be looking at a massive pay day if Iron Man 4 were to move into development in the near future.

An Iron Man 4 is definitely needed, especially as we’ve yet to get a satisfying ending to The Mandarin storyline which kicked off in the first movie way back in 2008. The leader of the villainous Ten Rings terrorist organisation has never been fully revealed, so Downey Jr. coming back to wrap that and his character’s story up in an Iron Man 4 would be awesome.

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