Exclusive: Eric Bana on a return to comedy in Ricky Gervais’ Netflix feature, Special Correspondents


Not many people outside of Australia are aware that Eric Bana begun his career as a comedian – especially given he has since mastered his craft as a dramatic performer. But he returns, for the first time in film, to the genre – with a starring role in Ricky Gervais’ Netflix feature, Special Correspondents.

Bana discusses his return to his “roots”, and what it’s like to collaborate with Gervais. He also speaks about his own thoughts on directing one day, and whether he based his role (of a conniving journalist) on anybody he has encountered before…

During our chat with Bana he spoke about Netflix and why he feels it’s the right platform for the movie, and why he believes it to be a crucial part in the future of the movie industry – featured in the clip below.

Special CorrespondentsĀ is a Netflix Original film, premiering on the service on 29th April.