Rob Savage

Rob Savage is a filmmaker we have been following and supporting from day one, as the talented British director has shocked and scared audiences, from his shorts to his pandemic-inspired horror flicks Host & Dashcam. Now comes his biggest production date, tasked with the wonderful challenge of helming a Stephen King story, as he brings The Boogeyman to life.

We spoke about his collaboration with King, and what it means to him on a personal level to have the keys to this specific kingdom. He also talks about remaining true to his cinematic style and ensuring his sensibilities and resourceful nature still comes through despite being in a grander, more conventional setting. He also talks about scaring people, and in particular, scaring us. Which he does really bloody well.

Watch the full interview with Rob Savage here:


High school student Sadie Harper and her younger sister, Sawyer, are still reeling from the recent death of their mother. They’re not getting much support from their father, Will, a therapist who’s dealing with his own intense pain. When a desperate patient unexpectedly shows up at their house seeking help, he leaves behind a terrifying supernatural entity that preys on families and feeds on the suffering of its victims.

The Boogeyman is out now.