The-GooniesFor pretty much all of us here at HeyUGuys, The Goonies was an absolute staple of our childhoods (So much so we even named our beloved website after it!). It was an instant classic quite unlike anything before or since. Talk of a sequel has been circulating for years, but now director Richard Donner himself says that it’s happening.

In an interview with TMZ, Donner was asked if he was planning on making another comic book movie, and he replied:

If you call Goonies a comic book. We’re doing a sequel.

And not only that, but he went on to say that he’s hoping that all of the original cast will return.

The original 1985 classic was of course led by Sean Astin, Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Jonathan Ke Quan, Jeff Cohen, Kerri Green, and Martha Plimpton, with the late John Matuszak playing Sloth.

Donner had previously also spoken of the possibility of taking The Goonies to Broadway, giving it the musical treatment, but there’s been no movement on that front either. So it’s looking like a movie sequel could well be taking precedent now instead.

The news should likely be taken with a pinch of salt, given that there’s been talk like it for many years now, and given Donner’s use of the word ‘hopefully’ in regards to bringing the original cast back. It would at least suggest a kind of Ghostbusters 3-esque lengthy development, in which things aren’t yet set in stone.

Nevertheless, it could be fun to see the old gang back together once more, now almost thirty years on from the original’s release. Bringing Josh Brolin back to the fold might be a bit of a hard sell, with his career rising more than any of his original fellow Goonies in the intervening years, but maybe even he could be tempted back into the fold for another shot at treasure.

Either way, the question remains as to whether a sequel could really live up to the expectations set by the original, particularly with almost three decades passing in between. But hey, if Star Wars can do it and get everyone excited, why not The Goonies? Let us know your take on the sequel in the comments below.