On Oct.13, 2011 William Shatner’s documentary ‘The Captains’  had a limited single day, single screening event across Canada in Cineplex theaters. So limited in fact, that even though you could purchase a ticket at the box office, some of the staff at the cinema had no idea it was playing in their own theater.
If you happened to follow William Shatner’s twitter, you’d most likely have heard of this special event.

The Star Trek centered film follows Shatner as he interviews fellow Trek actors, reflecting on the life of Trek, from the perspective of the working actor.

For fans of Star Trek, this is a rare look at the life of the actors, who each played captains in different series. Patrick Stewart (TNG), Avery Brooks (DS9), Kate Mulgrew (Voyager), Scott Bakula (Enterprise), and Chris Pine (Star Trek). With guest appearances from Christopher Plummer, Jonathan Frakes, Nana Visitor.

It’s an eye-opening look at each actors personal life. The insecurities, and stress of balancing personal lives with work was extremely taxing, while working on the set of their respective series.

There are certainly some amusing moments, but it’s the honesty from the actors during their interviews that shines light on their life in show business. Shatner has a certain way of conducting his conversational interviews, and if you’ve seen Shatner’s Raw Nerve — The Captains is basically the same.

Leave it to Shatner to not only share the spotlight, but to find opportunities to talk about himself and his career. A Shatner production indeed. Overall, the documentary succeeds in shining light on the actors. If you’re a fan of Trek, this is one is for the Trekkies.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBrFAJUPVeE’]

[Rating: 3/5]