Repeaters, a film premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, has just released its first poster in anticipation for its worldwide debut.

The film, which is directed by Canadian Carl Bessai (Severed), has been described as a dark Groundhog day except instead of it being Groundhog day it is actually just one of the most miserable days of your life.

The TIFF film description:

Veteran director Carl Bessai returns with a tense thriller that follows three young addicts in a rehabilitation centre. Each day they live the same events over and over – a situation each responds to in radically different ways.

The film stars Dustin Milligan (Gunless), Amanda Crew (Charlie St. Cloud), and Richard de Klerk (Bang Bang You’re Dead).

While the poster doesn’t really tell you too much I still think its color use is pretty cool, specifically the blood red.  Other than that I think it may be a bit overly dramatic for a thriller.

Cinematical had the exclusive to the poster which you can check out below.