It was a sublime and simple premise, perfect for gangs of kids growing up in the 80s.

Treehouses, amulets, clues and mysteries, all revolving around the titular Monster Squad and their fight against the very real Hollywood Monsters they idolise.

As a kid in the 80s this was a seminal film, crossing the streams of The Goonies and Ghostbusters, and introducing us to the myriad movie monsters of the past, it was a fantasy come to life, and the 1987 film, directed by Night of the Creeps scribe Fred Dekker (who co-wrote this with Shane Black) is next against the remake wall.

Professional franchise resurrectioners Platinum Dunes are the ones holding the rifles and with the first call of ‘Ready!’ already sounding out, can the worrying shouts of ‘Aim’ and ‘Fire’ be far behind?

Deadline report that the Production company are looking for the right people to bring this one back to the screen right now, but also that producer of the original, Rob Cohen, is eyeing the spot behind the camera.

While Cohen’s connection with the original seems like a good move, but there is no more news on what the thinking behind the remake is. Will it be a rehash of the old idea updated to include mobile phones and Facebook, or is there something else up Cohen’s sleeve?

The film does have its fans, and nostalgia freaks will eat this one up, but barring the inevitable 3D-o-vision is there any reason to pull the corpse of this one out of the ground?