Bill and Ted did it in a phone booth, Marty and Doc in a DeLorean. Rod Taylor sat in a MacGyver-esque bucket of Victoriana and now John Cusack, Rob Corddry, Craig Robinson and Clark Duke are travelling through time in a hot tub. And they say originality is dead.

After a drunken night in the titular hot tub the group of friends wake to discover that the world has gone all 1986 and they’ll be soul searching, self finding and much debauchery and general lewdness before journey’s end – the shot in the trailer of the gang seeing their younger selves in the mirror is suitably Quantum Leap and with support from a certain Chevy Chase the film looks like an interesting way to spend an evening.

You can see the red band trailer below.

Before you click, check your age, your morals and your surrounds, it’s a red band trailer so work or your parent’s PC might not be the best place to be when you watch this.

Thanks to Trailer Addict for corrupting us.