I know. You’re all in a state of Hitchcockian suspense waiting for the next word on the third film in The Lost Boys series, and (thanks to the good guys at MovieWeb) Edgar Frog himself, Corey Feldman, has updated his personal site with the following.

Wait until you see LB3! Then you will know the depths that my art has mirrored my personal strife and how they resurface as one. In LB3 Edgar Frog emerges as a lone soldier fighting all of the evils of the world with a massive chip on his shoulder and all of the odds against him.

2009 was apparently a tough year for Corey F, but like a true pro he has made the best of it and channeled it into his work.

I embraced this character with body and soul and brought a human side to the Frog character that no one would ever see coming. I am proud of the work I have done and I believe you will be too.

There will be a future update on this film on his blog, and despite the slap of diminishing returns hurting the Lost Boys franchise it is good to see an old friend from the 80s still working and taking himself seriously.

While I can’t get too excited about The Thirst and its vampire author/Stephanie Meyer plotline there is some part of my brain that will enjoy watching Corey Feldman going apeshit crazy on a bunch of vamps.

It’ll do until we see the inevitable Corey Vs. Corey fang off in Lost Boys 4.