REC4-Apocalypse-PosterOne of the best-known horror franchises in recent years is expected to conclude next with the release of [REC]4: Apocalypse.

Co-directors Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza began the beloved series back in 2007 with the release of [REC], and followed it two years later with [REC]2. It was then announced that Plaza and Balagueró would be going solo for the final two instalments, [REC]3: Genesis and [REC]4 Apocalypse.

Plaza brought us Genesis last year, and now it’s Balagueró’s turn to bring us what is set to be the final instalment, Apocalypse. And with a name like that, you know it’s going to be amazing.

The film’s anticipated release is still some way off, with an unconfirmed 2014 release date planned. But now we’ve got an awesome new teaser poster to share, along with an official English-subbed version of the teaser trailer.

Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the fireman, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don’t know is that she carries the seed of the strange infection.

Manuela Velasco is reprising her role for one final outing as the young reporter, Angela Vidal, and we can’t wait to see what Balagueró has in store for us next year.

Here’s to hoping that production will run smoothly for the project, and that we’ll have a firm release date to look forward to soon. For now, here’s the great new teaser poster, followed by the newly-subbed teaser trailer. Enjoy.



Source: via Bloody Disgusting.