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This time every year film fans and casual viewers immerse themselves in the scary stuff in celebration of Halloween on 31st October. The trouble is that large percentage of what we view is recycled and repeated again and again. Whether we journey down Elm Street, hide in the closet from Michael Myers, or hang with the residents of Woodsboro, the lingering sense of familiarity is never far away.

However when you break away from Hollywood, the horror genre expands dramatically; progressing with deeper, darker themes and projecting images so scarring, they’ll imprint on the psyche.

With this in mind, we think your Halloween should be a little different and a whole lot scarier, which is why we have compiled the must-watch foreign language horror movies for your nightmarish season. Those with a fear of subtitles should not be deterred because trust us; the content is far spookier than the dialect…

Let The Right One In

10. Let the Right One In (2008)

One of the most universally celebrated postmodern horror films, and a joyous starting point for introducing foreign cinema. Chances are you may have already seen it, or Matt Reeves’ US remake Let Me In, but what makes this Swedish chiller so effective and taut is the dwelling atmosphere which lingers and furthers throughout.

Fantastical, passionate and tonally dense, Tomas Alfredson’s Let the Right One In is a work of frosty beauty; a film that channels layered character developments to truly heighten the scares. This study of young love and vampires isn’t a particularly gory watch, but the methodical pacing enables the film to breathe and build, ensuring a richer, more rewarding experience. Prioritizsing the developmental relationship of Oskar and Eli is the film’s masterstroke. Gorgeous, profound and striking.

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