I can guarantee that you won’t be any the wiser after watching the short teaser trailer Paramount have delivered for Gore Verbinski’s animated feature Rango.

With a cast as interesting as this one you have to be a little impressed that Verbinski isn’t mentioning that the film benefits from the vocal talents of Johnny Depp, or Bil Nighy, or Alfred Molina, Harry Sean Stanton, Ray Winstone, Abigail Breslin, and so on…

Being touted as ‘the story of a chameleon with an identity crisis’ there’s not much else to go on, but I found this image floating around the internet, possibly an early teaser poster but it could as easily be a fan’s mock up, but I’ll post it for context.

The official website is also open for business, even though the, admittedly pretty, artwork is a placeholder for something to arrive soon.

So, here’s the screensaver trailer in all its glory.