Not Alone PosterThe undeniable quality of nominees and winners at last night’s British Independent Film Awards paints a picture of a vibrant, healthy British film industry.

And while the present state of that industry is rightly being celebrated it is time to look to the future and one of the films to look out for is Not Alone from writer/director Tristan Versluis and producer Andy Thompson.

The synopsis is: A damaged emotional Eli Rose arrives at an old long forgotten family cabin along the broken coastline. Arriving unprepared and packed with few supplies she seems anxious at either leaving or someone else arriving.  The house abandoned years ago still holds most of its original decor and memories providing us with hints toward a shattered family, which once filled the space.

Plagued by the reoccurring nightmare of the violent murder of her family, Eli starts to understand her reasons for being there. One morning after yet another vivid dream of carnage, she opens the trunk to the car to discover the unsettling evidence of her nightmares.

The production diaries, available here, point to an intriguing story with a cast including recent Celebrity Jungle victim and Press Gang alumni Lucy Benjamin and actors well known to UK TV, Alexandra Moen and Bill Ward.

Stepping behind the camera is Tristan Versluis, whose previous work include the short film I Love You as well as making his mark in the industry with make up and effects work on numerous British and US films including Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd, Prince Caspian and Hot Fuzz. Reading the diaries you get the impression that Not Alone was a real labour of love, and one that was an enjoyable experience for all concerned.

We’re waiting for a trailer to hit and we’ll bring it to you as soon as we can. Keep an eye out for this one, and support your local film industry!