It’s the biggest film of 2015 so far, sequel to perhaps the most satisfying comic book movie thus far, and certain to be seen as Joss Whedon’s swansong to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Avengers: Age of Ultron is here.

The cast were in town today to tread the carpet in the midst of the hullabaloo that was the UK Premiere for the film. You can see the full press conference video at the end of this post, as well as the interviews we conducted this evening.

Cassam Looch and Colin Hart were our men on the carpet, asking the questions as only they know how.

Here’s how they got on.

 Robert Downey Jr.

Joss Whedon

Elizabeth Olsen

Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Dave Bautista

Scarlett Johannson

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Jeremy Renner

Mark Ruffalo

Paul Bettany

Introducing The Avengers

Premiere Highlights

Press Conference

Other Avengers Age of Ultron videos

Below are photos from the event taken by Alice Alexander.