With Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel have set their sights and ambitions skyward, and from the early reviews they’ve succeeded admirably.

James Gunn takes us out of Earth’s atmosphere with Chris Pratt leading our titular anti-heroes alongside Zoe Saldana, Dave Batista, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel (the latter two on voice duties). Tonight the UK Premiere took place in London and we were on the carpet asking the questions.

What began as a risky enterprise for Marvel has become a potential springboard for many other properties and keeps the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe in check. It’s one thing to elevate Iron Man and Thor into the public consciousness – these merry band of criminals, animals and forestry is quite another.

This evening Ben Mortimer and Colin Hart were on hand in Leicester Square to interview the cast and crew (and other Marvelites such as Joss Whedon), let’s see how they got on.

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Director James Gunn & Producer Jeremy Latcham

Dave Batista

Zoe Saldana

Chris Pratt

 Karen Gillan

Joss Whedon

Steven Moffat