When it was first revealed that Suicide Squad was being lined up for a 2016 release alongside Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, many fans didn’t really care all that much. However, as an A-List cast was assembled and more character details have been revealed, that attitude has quite rapidly changed!

We already know who is playing who (though Tom Hardy recently dropped out, with Jake Gyllenhall now being eyed as a possible replacement), but what exactly should we expect from Suicide Squad’s story?


Still with us? Well, according to a new report, the movie will initially revolve around the villainous team being formed in order to stop Lex Luthor getting his hands on a mysterious biological weapon. However, it’s soon revealed that the “weapon” is in fact a magically powered individual known as Enchantress!

Before that though, we’ll meet Deadshot and Harley Quinn when the latter interrupts one of his assassination attempts in a bid to free The Joker from Arkham Asylum. Shady government agent and team leader Amanda Waller takes them and the Clown Prince of Crime into custody, leaving The Joker to serve as a Hannibal Lecter type character as he’s kept in a cell in Belle Reve for the majority of Suicide Squad.

We say the majority because he breaks out at the end, likely setting up a role in a future Batman movie!

One huge twist involved Rick Flagg, the character who Hardy was set to play. Despite being portrayed as a hero throughout Suicide Squad, it’s revealed at the end that he has in fact been in league with the villain, Rick Flag Snr. the whole time as the two plot how to get their hands on the weapons held by Waller.

For now, it is of course best to take all of this with a pinch of salt, but it’s pretty interesting don’t you think?