Momentum Pictures has debuted a new trailer for the executive produced by Martin Scorsese, trans love story, ‘Port Authority’.

After getting kicked out of his home in central Pennsylvania, Paul (Fionn Whitehead) arrives at NYC’s dizzying central station with nowhere to go.  A momentary encounter with Wye (Leyna Bloom), a trans woman of colour, leads him to seek her out. Transfixed by her beauty and confidence, a love soon blossoms. But as the two learn more about each other, Paul’s false narratives begin to surface and the double life he lives must be reconciled.

Written and directed by Danielle Lessovitz and executive produced by Martin Scorsese, the film stars Leyna Bloom (the first black/Asian trans woman to be featured in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition (coming out this Summer 2021), the first trans woman of colour to lead a feature film at the Cannes Film Festival and the first openly trans woman of colour to appear in Vogue India.), Fionn Whitehead and McCaul Lombardi.

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The film hits US cinemas May 28th and On Demand and Digital June 1st.