To celebrate the release of the new psychological horror film The Resort, which comes to on-demand platforms this week, we sat down with the film’s writer/director and one of its leads to find out all about the scary new film set on a sun-drenched island in Hawaii.

Set in tropical surroundings, four friends set off to investigate the urban legend of a terrifying episode that occurred on a Hawaiian island that saw a palatial hotel resort abandoned due to the presence of the infamous Half-Faced Girl. One of the quartet, Lex (Bianca Haase) is finishing a horror book and hopes the trip will allow her to find some much-needed research and background for it, but she and friends Chris (O’Hurn), Bree (Michelle Randolph), and Sam (Michael Vlamis) get much more than they bargained for.

Shot on location and at lightning pace before the real resort was torn down, Chien tells us why the speed of production was perfect for the story, why he became fascinated with the island and its history, while O’Hurn tells us what scares him, the camaraderie between cast and crew amongst all the eeriness and why the film will be perfect for the now much-in-demand return of the drive-in cinema crowds.

You can watch both interviews in full below:

The Resort will be released on digital and on-demand from 30th April and will be available on Sky Store, Virgin, iTunes, Amazon, Microsoft Store, Google Play, and Chili.