Some franchises just never know when to call it day; the latest franchise that could possibly have its 8th movie on the horizon is Police Academy according to Officer Mahoney, Steve Guttenberg.

In a conversation with a die-hard fan of the franchise on Twitter, Guttenberg stated another is on its way after being asked by the fan to make one in London.

Guttenberg tweeted “Adam, the next Police Academy is coming, no details yet, but it is in a gift bag being readied!”

With no details readily available this could all be just talk.

The Police Academy zany comedy franchise first burst onto the big screens in 1984. Directed by Hugh Wilson, and it starred Steve Guttenberg as Cadet Carey Mahoney, Kim Cattrall as Cadet Karen Thompson, Bubba Smith as Cadet Moses Hightower, Donovan Scott as Cadet Leslie Barbara, Michael Winslow as Cadet Larvell Jones, Andrew Rubin as Cadet George Martin, David Graf as Cadet Eugene Tackleberry and G. W. Bailey as Lt. Thaddeus Harris.

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The series opened with the premise that a new mayor had announced a policy requiring the police department to accept all willing recruits. The film followed a group of misfit recruits in their attempts to prove themselves capable of being police officers and succeeding both in spite of and because of their eccentricities.

The first film was an adult comedy, rated R but as time went by over the seven films the humour and content become tamer in order to appeal to a younger audience. The seventh and to date last instalment, Mission to Moscow, was released in 1994.